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Aloha: I really knew better, but I just couldn't help it.  the new operating system sounded great and it was very inexpensive. how could I go wrong?


Let me, but count the ways.


After about a 6 hour wait for the download, but that was no skin of my nose.  I stayed productively  busy on other projects that had to be accomplished anyway,  while the program was downloading.


The feces hit the fan when after all was setteled and the machine was back to working, I could find nothing of my old data.  For example, my old budget program that I started back in 1986 and I have added features to ever since.  It keeps track of all my income and expenses and makes sure I don't spend more than I can afford.  It was a thing of beauty and worked like a well-oiled clock!  Gone to the big bit-bucket in the sky!


No, wait, there it is I FOUND it!!!  No! Wait again!  It and alot of my other pograms were written over the years in Microsoft Ofice programs  and 10.8.3 doesn't know from nothing about Microsoft Office.  All those documnts have a big bar across them.  And I keep finding more of my programs with that big bar!


I'll gladly swallow the $15 the OS set me back to have these programs workiing again.  Because if I have to buy new ones it will cost me hundreds of $'s


But first I have to get back to OS 10.6.8.  So, pleeeeze don't tell me that's impossible.


I am pretty sure that all m soft ware still lives on the many hard drive I have in and/or connected to to my tower.  I did finallly locate all my software.


So if worse comes to worse I'll just remove all the hard drives, toss the Old Tower into the ocean off Maui, buy a used one, install 10.6.8 (if it's not allready on there) and be back in business>


However, I am now hoping that you can tell me how I can simply dump 10.8.3 and go back to 10.6.8.  That would be the best of all worlds.




Dan Page

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    The dropping of PowerPC is well known since 2011 end of Rosetta.


    A clean install is safer.


    RoaringApps has a compatibility table and matrix.


    Dual Boot. Keep the old system as is and do not install 10.7+ on top of it.


    Clone your systems as needed.


    Of course you can go back.