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i know that this question has been asked many times already. i just wanted to buy something in the itunes store, but i want to see in a separate window what i already have in my music library to prevent me from buying songs twice. this is no longer possible in v11. what can i do to see what i have bought already in a separate window? do i have to export my library to a text file to see the list right next to the store?


workarounds anyone?




i've been an apple user since 1989, but i have never experienced a more useless piece of software like itunes 11!!!!

Mac Pro (Early 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.8), and powerbook pro under 10.6.8
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    No workarounds. Hopefully the will reintroduce in next update.



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    thanks jim.

    i just found kind of "workaround" - i opened the itunes folder in the finder where the songs are stored. this works fine if there are not too many albums of this artist. because the songs are separated by albums in the folders, it gets quite confusing, it can't be sorted by name... that's why i loved to have multiple windows in itunes. it's also difficult to manage playlists if you can't see more than one at a time!

    just imagine the pain if this was the standard in the finder and you could only open one finder window at once! managing files would be impossible!


    i simply don't understand why apple killed this feature!!!!!!!!



    ...and sorry for not clicking on "this solved my question"...

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    This is my greatest complaint about iTunes 11 too. If you expect change, you need to gripe at:

    iTunes Feedback


    If they don't here from enough people, they'll never change it.

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    alix, i already sent tons of feedbacks to apple directly. i also called the support hotline, but they said they didn't hear any complaints about itunes 11. probably they explicitly want to get rid of their loyal customers. i can't understand why they don't listen and don't react!

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    Glad you sent feedback that's the prime way to get your voice heard by the developers, if more people complained about this issue you'd see it return. I'm VERY concerned that not enough folks care about this one.

    I've even read articles even by techies, who can't really understand the importance of multiple windows. We all use iTunes differently. Personally, I don't care at all about Cover Flow -- but that seems to be the biggest gripe.


    Unfortunately,it seems to many these days don't really use this (or any) software to its max. thus some of the best but lesser used features go by the wayside (Video playlists and lyrics display in iDevices etc). My greatest fear is that Smart Playlists might dissappear.


    My only hope for iTunes is that v11 began as a major rewrite, and like other Apple software, the most desired features will be added back over time (Final Cut for example). As for now, (even in it's current awful state), iTunes is still better than anything I can find on either platform (Mac or PC).


    PS: The support people are NOT go betweens to the people that count (the Devs and management), they don't read these forums and can only confirm known bugs. They really just walk folks through how to do things, fix problems: when software doesn't work as intended. For the most part I've found them excellent