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I can oly recieve mail into my mailbox, I cant send messages. The settings are correct according to my sever provider. the only odd thing is in the out going mail sever box (offline) is stated after my correct server name. This i cant seam to change as the account is listed as online when I check it else where. as I say it is receiving mail!any ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You haven't provided enough information.

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    i have two accounts set up in my mac mail, one is hotmail working fine, the other is attached to a website this is the one that there is a problem with. from this one I can recieve mail but not send it.  I have checked all of the outgoing settings includeing the SMTP ones and they are as my serivce provider states they should be. on the account information page it does say in the box beside outgoing mail provider (SMTP): after my providers name it says (offline).  this is what I cant seam to change. according to the mail drop down menu on the top bar is tells me that the account is online and so I can't change it there.I'm assumeing this is where the problem is.