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Hello. I am trying to transfer my aperture library from time capsule to the latest version of aperture that I just installed on my new imac. When I try to import the library, it starts off saying it is copying originals, but the status bar just stops progressing after about a minute and then I can't even shut the program down without pushing the power button. When I click and drag the aperture library from time capusle into the new aperture, all of the photos show up but don't seem to save, as when I shut down and reopen the program all that appears are the project names but 0 photos. So lost... help please.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    Hello. I am trying to transfer my aperture library from time capsule to the latest version of aperture

    How is your Aperture library stored on the TimeCapsule? Is it part of the latest  backup on the Time Capsule?


    Then you should open TimeMachine and use the "Restore" function of TimeMachine to restore the Aperture Library, not simply drag it from the backup.


    Once you have restored the Library to its location on the iMac, double click the Aperture library to open it in Aperture, don't import it.




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    I just bought the time capsule the other day to use as a hard drive to back up the data on my old mac. So I just basically dragged my old aperture library onto time capsule without using time machine. I've never used time machine so I'm not sure how to set it up.


    I am able to go to the time capsule and click on the aperture library and it opens up with all of the old photos in it, it just won't save or merge or whatever with the new aperture version I have on the new mac.

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    You have as many as three separate issues:

    - restoring your Library to your system drive

    - repairing the Library if it has been damaged by force-quitting

    - upgrading your Library to the most recent version of Aperture (at least that's how it seems).


    You should approach them one at a time, and in sequence.


    Can you drag your Aperture Library from the external drive called "Time Capsule" to your Pictures folder?  If so, do so, and leave it there.


    Just to be sure, disconnect the Time Capsule ("eject" or "unmount" it, using Finder).


    Then hold down the "Option" and "Command" keys and double-click the Aperture Library in your Pictures folder (in Finder).  Follow the instructions.  If you are given the option to repair your database, do so.


    Do not force-quit Aperture.  Let it run at least overnight (it may take far less time).  If your Library opens, check to see that it is all there.  If it all seems OK, quit Aperture, then reboot.  You should then have a working Aperture Library back in your Pictures folder (in Finder) and your Time Capsule should be mounted.  Follow the regular instructions to set up Time Machine (software) on your Time Capsule (hardware).


    Post back with what you find.


    --Kirby (on a creaky working machine with baud-speed working Internet, while running my Ohio River workflow through creeklets and rills, and feeling a bit dammed in spite of gigabytes of blessings).

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    Kirby, thank you for organizing my thoughts/problems for me! I am not good at this stuff so I wasn't sure how explain it. I have dragged the aperture library from time capsule over to the pictures folder - the status bar claims that the estimated time it should take is 3 days (@#$%). Hopefully this is not the case! I will leave it alone for the next few hours and check up on its progress later this afternoon.

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    The time estimate is often over-stated and even wildly wrong -- more so at the beginning of the process than later on.  Keep us posted.

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    It worked! Thank you thank you thank you! This leads me to another question though... is it better to save photos in another folder and use them as referenced files in aperture rather than saving them to the aperture library?

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    It makes no difference to Aperture.  It is _easier_ to backup a Library whose Images are all based on Managed Originals.  If you have no reason to reference your Originals, don't.  The primary reason to reference Originals is running out of storage space on your system drive.


    Glad you're moving forward.



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    In the past, Aperture problems led me to splitting a large library into many small ones and storing originals on external DROBO.  Since then, upgrades to Aperture and the files on computer work fine.  However, I am trying to open an old library and I get the message about needing to upgrade the file.  I clicked 'OK' and it stayed on "Process 1 of 16  95% complete for two full days"  with nothing else going.  I don't know if it crashed or if it was working as the drive was very quiet....


    I can not get the older library to open - tried it again today, same thing going on....


    Sometimes the older libraries upgrade without a hitch but just last week "upgraded" to LION.  (Now my Safari won't work either so I am told I need to reinstall from Lion recovery via internet.  What a hassle....Lion Schmion...


    Any feedback is highly appreciated.