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I have a large file, roughly 3 GB in size, I would like to transfer from my Beige G3 running 9.2.2 to my G4/Panther via File Sharing. I regularly transfer files (usually under 1 GB) between the two machines without any problem. The first problem I noticed here was that this file was only showing up as "2 GB" (about 800 MB less than its actual size) when viewed in OS X, and then when I dragged it from its original location to one of my G4/Panther volumes (all internal ATA HDDs), its icon only appeared briefly in that volume's window before disappearing. It is simply not possible to copy the file from the G3 to the G4.

I also tried stuffing and zipping the file in OS 9, but in both cases the attempt failed (with -1310 error messages).

I do do not have a DVD burner on my G3, so my only way of moving the file from one machine to the other is via File Sharing.

If anyone can help me understand why the file can't be stuffed or zipped, why it only appears as a 2 GB file in OS X, and why it can't be copied from one machine to the other, I'd be very grateful. TIA!

G4 Sawtooth with 1.4 Ghz upgrade   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

G4 Sawtooth with 1.4 Ghz upgrade, Mac OS X (10.3.9), 1 GB RAM, Hitachi Deskstar 80 GB HD and Seagate 7200.9 250 GB HD
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    I couldn't find an answer for what the 1310 error message is. I'm wondering if the file has been corrupted, though...

    Can you verify that the file is not corrupted, or, perhaps (if not), can you recreate the file?

    Perhaps you can run the app that generated the file and do a "Save As" to the G4 via file sharing...?

    Food for thought.

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    Due to limitations of the AFP protocol used in Mac OS 9, a file larger than 2 GB will not have its size recognized properly from a network machine, and it cannot be transferred through this version of AFP. Older applications may also have trouble with the large size of the file.

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    Thanks, Niel, for the AFP protocol info; I suspected it must be a file size limitation issue because the file was appearing as an even "2 GB'" on the other box.

    I guess I need to split the file up into a couple of smaller ones--problem is I forget which utilities do this (I even vaguely recall having something on my G3 that will do this, but a quick search using obvious keywords yielded no hits). Any suggestions on any reliable OS 9/Classic utilities that split large files into smaller segments?
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    Hello Solage,

    For OS 9, the application is called Chunk Joiner. Available here:


    As far as joining files on the OS X side you caould try Split and Concat.
    Available here.


    Good Luck

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    I can suggest Apple's Disk Copy application with "Disk Copy 6.3 Scripts" to segment the image of a file. This here should be close enough for reading more information and downloading the scripts.

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    Thanks to those who responded with helpful information. I ended up poking around and found the freeware utility Fast File Saw and Joiner (http://www.kwerkx.com/rd/products/FileJoin.html), a Carbon app I was able to run on both my G3/9.2.2 and on my G4/Panther. It split the file into two parts, and joined them after I transferred them to my G4.

    G4 Sawtooth with 1.4 Ghz upgrade Mac OS X (10.3.9) 1 GB RAM, Hitachi 80 GB & Seagate 250 GB HDs; also a G3/300 w OS 9.2.2