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I tried browsing thru questions but couldn't find anything that would match mine.


I have a few issues acutally:


- Creating a new event: In the month-view I try double clicking a day - nothing happens, I can't create a new event. Even when I click "New event" one doesn't show up. I go to the day view and there's nothing. I can only create new event by going in the day- view and clicking the time I want to start the event. Creating events this way is quite slow and annoying.

HOWEVER, when I have tried creating new events by double clicking a day, there are new events created somewhere, they just don't show up in my calendar. I often get alarms for "new events", sometimes even doezens a day. I can see these events when I browse my calendar on my phone. Why don't they show up in my calendar??


- I tried adding week numbers, I imported them many times and thru different sites. I can see them in my "calendars" but they don't show up in my calenard view. I can, however, see them in my calendar on my phone. Now I'm also getting alarms for week numbers. Interesting.


Both of these issues started some time during the fall, I don't recall doing anything special around that time. My calendar and these features above were working fine until then.


What to do?? Can I download this software somewhere again?

iCal, Mac OS X (10.7.5)