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Okay this is the most bizarre thing ever I think.
I bought a 30-pin bluetooth adapter for my iPhone dock so I can use my iPhone 5 with it.

Plugged it in & synched no problem (device identifies as 'Arcadia')

Tried to play iTunes from my phone & it flicked quickly through a few covers by itself then indicated that it was playing but no audio was coming out.

I flicked to next song same thing. Tried to have it pause play but it wouldn't.

The slider showed that it was 'stuck' at the start of the song so I slide it halfway into the song and... the song played backwards in 5 second jumps...

Rebooted the phone & the adapter, re-synched etc etc but still the same. Plays backwards in jumps.

Is this the weirdest or what?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3