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I have a 2 x 2.4 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon, 32 GB RAM. It's a 5,1 machine running 10.7.5 w/4 800FW ports.


I use one FW port converted to 400 for my Pro Tools hardware, the others are for three external drives.


I have one Project drive for a client that's a 400 FW 500GB orange G-tech. I added a G-tech mini drive (800 FW, 500GB) as a backup drive for the orange drive.


No daisy chaining each one to one of the 4 800 FW ports on the mac.


The new 800 FW G-tech mini is freezing my Finder and screwing up my Carbon Copy Cloner back ups of the orange drive and my two main internal drives.


Question! Will adding a FW card to the Ma....A. releive the congestion. B. eliminate the freezing of my finder during backup?


A card with 400 and 800 ports would be best, if such a thing exists, because my Pro Tools hardware is 400 and I have other 400 drives I sometimes use here. This Mac has no 400 ports.


Also I have heard that what slot you put the car in makes a difference as to where it comes up on the system.


I'm thinking the right card in the right slot may solve my problem. Right now the G-Tech mini backup drive is working via USB 2.0. FW 800 would be better.




Ty Ford