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I have a 1080p 25fps concert (made to a rough guide track), now exported. I have created stereo and 5.1 master tracks and now i'm stuck as to how to create a Bluray Disk that users can switch between the 5.1 and stereo tracks. I have Compressor and DVD studio Pro avialable to me but i honestly have no clue how to do this.


The 5.1 has been exported as l,c,r etc and the stereo is single stereo file. Both are 48khz and 24bit.


Any help would really help me out.



DVD Studio Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I'm afraid that DVD SP is not going to be able to help you with Blu-Ray. It never supported that format; in HD it only supported HD DVD, which lost the format wars to Blu Ray.


    Most people who want to author a complex Bllu-Ray use either Toast or Encore. Or they send it out.


    Compressor can do the Blu Ray encoding, but you'll have to use another app to author and burn.


    As for adding surround sound, what I know is what I read. I've done a test or two just so I would know a bit about the concept, but I don't have the proper monitoring equipment, so I don't work with it.


    Here is a thread that discusses  the 5.1 workflow using legacy FCP and Compressor. It may give you some further insight and ideas.


    Good luck.



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    thanks for the reply, its just for a university project. Is there wany way to make a simple menue esque function and then export this to toast?

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    If you're asking whether you can export a menu out of DVD Studio Pro to use with Toast Blu Ray, I'm pretty certain the answer is no.


    You can build menus in Toast. And while they may not be at the level  of DVD SP, they should be functional for most cases.



    Compressor has a very basic (single track) BD option. You could try it with a re-writable disk to see whether it is acceptable for your purposes (the video quality is generally considered very good).



    You could also explore Adobe Creative Cloud, which has a month-to-month subscription option. I don't believe their free trial includes Encore, but other than very expensive solutions, that may be your best bet.


    Good luck.