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What happens if my wireless network is not listed in the drop down menu. I'm trying to connect a 1st gen 802.11n airport express with an 802.11n only network generated from a 802.11n 2nd gen airport extreme.


It is worth notice that I bought the express in europe and the extreme in US. hence I can not set the wireless network options to the same country nor the same multicast rate. One airport lists only american coutries and the other lists only european countries. Each airport lists different rates of multicast on the drop down menu. I don't think this is causing the problem, but I think it was worth mentioning.


I can not make the express "see" the wireless network of the extreme. Nonetheless, it is able to see other wireless networks from my neighbors. I thought it might be because they were using G networks instead of N networks. I set my extreme to be compatible with b/g devices and not even then the express was able to connect to the extreme network.


I am very frustrated, specially because they are both apple devices and they should be able to talk easyly with each other. any thoughts?