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Hello, can someone help me? I have had an issue with iMessage for a week or so and have tried everything I can think of. I have reset my phone, performed a full restore, starting and stopping imessage, tried sending with 'send as SMS' turned off. Checked my iMessage settinngs and account settings. Just have my number and account email on there. Tried using just my number and my email just on there own. Even my iMessage on my Macbook wont work?!!, linked to the same account. Tried it through wifi and 3G. Worked before just seemed to stop overnight.


Anyone got any ideas? Any help appricated

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    hey, have you activated iMessage and Facetime? if you perform a restore and then attempt to activate it again it can take up to 24 Hours. each time you toggle the on off switch for imessage you restart the activation process.


    check if there are any 'Restrictions' for facetime.


    Settings > General > Restrictions > FaceTime.


    This link might help you out.




    please note facetime and iMessage are not available in all countries.

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    All my restrictions are off. I have yes, ive tried it all before unless there something stupid im missing, ive really ran out of ideas, ive looked through the internet for tips or hints, nothing works.

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    have you tried turning off imessage in settings/messages and then reboot the phone by holding both sleep button and home button until apple logo appears.  once phone reboots turn imessage back on.

    Also, are you sure the person you are texting has there imessage turned on or is connected to the internet via 3g or wifi?

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    I have just tried that, itll now send imessages over 3G but not wifi? Any ideas?

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    try going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

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    Do you have a firewall on your network, is it like that for all networks that you connect to? Try restoring the phone and see if that helps you. Are you able to recieve imessages?

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    My imessage was working perfectly fine yesterday afternoon and then last night while I was home it stopped working in the context is was before.  Here is what happened:


    I went home, turned on my computer (macbook pro newest edition, only week old) went to my imessages and all my previous conversations were gone.  It only listed the numbers of the people I had had previous conversations with but not their name as in my contacts.  I was able to imessage them, but the messages I was sending to them were not showing on my iphone (5), as they had previously done.  This morning while on campus my old messages were restored, as in they all were showing up again unlike last night.  Now the problem is that anytime I imessage someone on my phone it doesn't show on the computer and when I imessage on the computer it doesn't show on the phone.  Previously it was showing messages on both regardless of which device the messages were sent or coming in on.  Does this make sense? 


    I have checked the settings, I am connected to both imessage and my gmail account, I never messed with any settings prior to this happening and like I said it was all working just great and fine until yesterday evening.  It's more than anything an annoyance.  If someone can help, give info etc that would be greatly appreciated!

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    Resetting the Network Settings fixed it for me...also fixed my problem with the GPS not finding my location on my iPad mini.