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Hi, My IPhone was having trouble when the battery dropped below 4%, the screen showed opposite colors of what it was supposed to. The problem was always solved by charging the phone again, but several weeks after the first problem the phone did not boot up.


This happened to me in South America and I was stuck with the phone ovethere, when I returned to US I immediately went to an apple store in Miami,

So I went to the store and set up an appointment for three days after (they were full or so they said with a very bossy attitude).


After going to the store the guy that took my case at the genius bar (needless to say one hour after the original appointment) took the phone and came back saying that there was something weird with it, that the phone was marked on the back side and that they did suspect that someone had opened the phone. That this was voiding the warranty and that I needed to pay to get an exchange for a new one.


After talking with the manager the manager accepted that this was a very unusual situation, they made me wait 20 minutes for the phone to “charge” nothing happened, after that I talked to the manager again and since I had come all the way to Miami to have the phone change he was going to replace it for free. But that a comment was going to be added to the system in order for me to avoid coming back with the same problem IF the phone again presented signs of being opened or tampered (i.e. having it marked in the inside with a marker or something).


I got the new phone and went back to my hotel, when I was switching phones (the sim) after opening the Sim card slot a small circle came apart, and for my surprise, part of the SIMCard slot seemed to me marked by a blue marker!!! As if they did that on purpose on the Apple store!!.


So probably all my phone is marked again in the back side inside the phone!


Now it’s worse than I thought, the thing that came apart is the humidity sensor (I have it here in a box and is still white), they tell me in the store they are unable to do anything that the fact that the sensor is not present voids the warranty. The phone is new, it has less than 24hrs since I changed it, I don’t know what to do.


Please help.




iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3, Phone is new