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see attached photo. This has been happening for the last year or so, but up until last night I had figured out a 'quick fix' of attaching a binder clip to the right side of the screen, which temporarily resolved the issue. Now I am getting no response from the screen with any level/location of screen squeezage. From what i have been able to find through research, the problem seems to be a bad GPU. If my video card is in fact the Nvidia GeForce that was recalled (i cannot view my system details to check this) am i entitled to compesation? My question is two-fold, i suppose: A. What video card is in my system? B. if it is the Nvidia, what are my options? C. if it is not, who wants to buy a 2007 2.2GHz15.4" MBP with a bad GPU?? image.jpeg

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.1.2