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For reasons beyond the scope of this discussion, I need to replace iTunes 11. Can somebody suggest a replacement that meets my specific needs? In particular, I would like the replacement to offer the following:


- Ability to sync to an iPad Mini.

- Import all my current songs plus my iTunes metadata including Play Counts, Last Played, Date Added, and Ratings. To a lesser extent, I would love for it to also import my playlists, but if I need to recreate them, that's not a dealbreaker.

- Support for smart playlists at least comparable to what is currently in iTunes.

- Customizable views. In particular, I need to be at least able to view any of the metadata above plus album art. The list view with album art from iTunes 10 is a good approximation of what I mean.

- The ability to preview a full size adjustable view of album art with a single click. Again referring to iTunes 10, there was a preview box in the lower lefthand corner that use to offer this functionality.

- The ability to open lists in separate windows.

- Quick filter buttons. Those who are familiar with Inverting the Store Link in previous iTunes versions will know what I mean. Basically, let's say I'm listening to a playlist and would like to know what other songs I have by that artist. I could just click on the iTunes store link by the artist name and my customized library view would open up filtered by that artist.

- The ability to switch between different views without having my filter settings reset.

- The ability to manage a library of at least 50k music files.

- A memory footprint not much greater than what iTunes currently uses.


In a nutshell I would be happy with iTunes 10.7 + iPad Mini Suppport + all my current music files, playcounts, date added, etc. intact. I'm not sure if all that's feasible, but I would appreciate any suggestions. TIA!

iPad, Windows XP Pro