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So my google calendars sync beautifully. Buuuuut only when I open iCal. I don't actually use ical however so this is a bit annoying. I use an app that puts an icon in my toolbar and also Opus Domini for tasks and appointments. Neither of those apps update until my calendars sync and my calendars wont' sync until I open iCal. Anyone know a fix for this?


Update: I also noticed the notification center doesn't update either. Events created in OpusDomini or iCal push instantly to my Android phone (otherwise yes I'd just use an icloud account) syncing via google. However, information will not import into my computer without opening ical. I guess there is a certain amount of logic in this in that my laptop is not an alarm device. Why do I care if it doesn't update while closed? But...it doesn't update while open either. So my computer will not allert me to an event that is upcoming if I do not first open iCal.