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Sorry if this is not the right place to ask. I work in a computer shop and recently I sold a cheap noname USB keyboard to an Apple user. I don't know which model his Mac is, but he told me it originally had MacOS 9 installed and he upgraded to MacOS X 10.4 Tiger which is the maximum supported by the hardware. The new keyboard works fine, except for the numeric keypad. It is always off and I wonder if there is any way to enable it so he can type numbers from there. I went to his place, had a look in Settings/Keyboard but could not find anything relevant. I also tried Google, but I didn't manage to find anything useful. I hope you know which setting or key combination or third-party utility can enable the numpad in a non-apple keyboard at a real Mac. If the keyboard where Microsoft or Logitech, I could try the respective driver, but as I already said this is noname.


Any help appreciated.


Thank you in advance




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