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I am trying to set up mail so I can email photos from iphoto. I cannot seem to set up the outgoing email. I have followed the cheats guide and used the smtp.live.com as the address but still no joy. I use hotmail (now outlook) can anbody help ? Incoming mail works fine


Does anybody have another solution for getting these photos out of iphoto so I can email them. I have also tried to use the email directly from iphoto but this doesn't work either. I have spent several hours trying to do this bit cannot work it out

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    Well it would help if you gave details rathr than just say "It does not work" and that you "followed cheats guide"


    to get photos out of iPhoto you export - see this user tip for details


    To access photos in iPhoto from other programs see this user tip


    To set you your email accounts if you can not figure it out call your email service tech support


    What exactlhy is not working? What error messages do you get?


    and in the details try to be percise - Hotmail is a web email service - Outlook is a email client - you state that they are the same


    I use hotmail (now outlook)


    - they are not


    What version of iPhoto do you use? What email client do you have set in iPhoto?