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So I am almost done with this script. The last thing I am trying to figure out is how to SAVE the recording to the SPEAKING RATE that I assigned.


Is this possible? I tried all variations and it is not working.


Thanks for your help.



set anSwer to the text returned of (display dialog "What text do you want to record?" default answer "") as text

set the_names to {"Fred", "Bruce", "Alex", "Albert", "Ralph", "Junior", "Vicky", "Agnes", "Kathy", "Princess", "Victoria"}


repeat with this_name in the_names

          tell application "System Events"


                              say "Using" & this_name & "'s  voice..., " & anSwer using this_name speaking rate 90

                              display dialog "Do you want to save this as an Audio File?" buttons {"Yes", "No"} default button 1

                              if the button returned of the result is "Yes" then

                                        set fileName to this_name & ".aiff"

                                        set video_path to ((path to desktop as text) & fileName)

  say anSwer using this_name saving to video_path -- what do I put here to save with the speaking rate 90?


                                        display dialog "Not good? Ok, moving onto the next voice."

                              end if

                    on error


  display dialog "Didn't Work" giving up after 3

                    end try

          end tell

end repeat

display dialog "You are done!"

MacBook Pro (13-inch Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)