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Hello guys,


A few months ago I got the  popup saying that SMC update was available on my Mac. I followed all the instructions , installed the software and rebooted the Mac.

System came up but the pop up for update also came back. Tried to re-install and reboot a few times but eventually the SMC update popup was always back. I did not care too much about this problem anyway and continued my life . Did not know about this problem https://discussions.apple.com/message/21616138#21616138    during that time.


Then a few days ago I got the notification for the SMC update plus iPhoto optimizations update, that's when things started to go wrong. I installed both updates and gave a reboot. After that I believe I entered my username/passw as usual and the desktop was loaded however I did not get any prompt. There was this white spinning dots in the center of my desktop area indicating that system seemed busy but I could not get my mouse/trackpad/keyboard to work. The system seemed to be busy in such way I could not do any action, just look to my Desktop with all icons but no answer from the system to my input. I waited for like 20 minutes then I pressed the power button to shutdown the system. System came back with my Windows 7 partition and now I can not load my OS X anymore.


I tried lots of different startup key combinations like the regular ALT, C, D, Option-Command-P-R etc but nothing seems to work, system always boots up the Windows 7. Installed the MiniTool Partition Wizard v7.8 on Windows and I can see my OS X partitions are still there:


1) 200.02 MB Filesystem Other

2) 148.29 GB Filesystem Other

3) 619.89 MB Filesystem Other

4) C: 84.57 GB Filesystem NTFS


System seems to work fine with Windows 7...


Is there anything I can do to recover the Boot to my OS X?


Big thanks,



MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)