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How do I get logic pro 9 to open?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    LOL... @ Erik...


    Seriously though OP.. You need to provide us with a bit more info as to what is happening, so someone might be able to assist you

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    same thing with me. got 10.8.3 and logic does not open. its installed though, but it says that it cannot run in the os when you open it. help guys

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    Update Logic.

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    Hello Everyone

    I updated recently from 10.6 to 10.8.5 so how do I update Logic 9.0..? I tried the App Store, but there isn't anything and there is nothing under Software-Update so any Hints Guys..?

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    Typically what causes this issue is when you have renamed or moved the Logic Pro app....


    Make sure that your Logic Pro 9 app is named Logic Pro (If it is named something else, updates will not be able to recognise it) and that it resides in your applications folder... for the same reason


    Once you have corrected these issues.. then run updates and Logic Pro 9 will update to a version that will work under 10.8.5

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    Big Thanx To The Art of Sound but how can I reach you..?
    Seems I dont get/see the Contact Button.

    Renaming got me nowhere...so no updates for me
    It was originally an Edu Version from my University
    can it be that they cut me off, because I'm not registered anymore..?
    And would resetting via Timemachine get me somewhere..?

    Big Thanks for your Time in Advance

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    If I remember correctly, Logic academic versions are not updateable.

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    Surely not updatable to major versions, 8 to 9 for example..  but are updatable through the minor versions.... i.e. 9.0 thru to 9.1.8?




    Make sure the app is named correctly and is present in your applications folder.


    To confirm, please post up a screen shot of your applications folder showing the Logic Pro. app file


    If it's not that then, confirm your version of Logic Pro 9 is indeed 9.0 by right/control clicking on the app and choosing Get Info from the pop up menu... and in the window that appears it will say what version of Logic Pro you have installed.  If you have 9.1.8 installed then there are no further updates.. If your version of Logic Pro is 8.0.2 then you cannot update it as per DSS's comment... as there were no further minor updates to Logic Pro 8.


    If you have 8.0.2 then your only option now is to purchase Logic Pro X via the Ap Store making sure you are also running OS X 10.8.4 or higher first... as Logic Pro 9 is no longer sold.

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    Just in case you need it, here is the 9.1.8 download update.....(Instead of using Software Updates..)