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Can anyone tell me whether there is a way to desaturate as one of the little quick brushes (sorry, I'm probably not using the correct terminology - the little tools that allow you to dodge, burn, saturate etc) or is the only way to create a new "Enhance," pull the "saturate" slider over to the left and then brush it in?  I frequently like to brush away very bright colours in the background which are detracting from the main image and am finding this method a bit tedious.


Thanks for your help...!

Aperture 3
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    Use the Saturation Quick Brush.  The slider in the Saturation Brick ranges from 0.0 to 2.0.  1.0 = no change.  Anything less than one reduces saturation.  Anything greater than one increases it.  The adjustment is applied to the area you brush in (or, more accurately, is applied to the mask you create with the brush; this mask can be seen using the settings from Brush HUD Action Menu (a/k/a "the gear" icon) "Overlay" section).


    Full instructions are in the User Manual.


    Note that the naming is conceptually correct.  The Adjustment is "Saturation" (not "Saturate").  It can be used to increase ("saturate") or decrease ("de-saturate") selected pixels.





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    Mandi, see my answer to your other question in this thread: 


    Re: Hi, I have just upgraded my Aperture from 2 to 3 and cant find a desaturation brush which was amongst the tools in Aperture 2.


    Kirby's instructions will worl well also when you are in full screen mode. as you want to do it.


    Kirby, I am just adding this to link the two threads.

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    leonieDF wrote:


    Kirby, I am just adding this to link the two threads.



    (And as long as I'm back here -- Mandi -- anything that seems tedious is likely to have a better way of being done, and Aperture 3 provided (afaik) many workflow improvements over v. 2.  Look around, and post your questions.  We're a friendly bunch, and especially well-disposed towards those whose names end with the "eeeee" sound.  There's Léonie, and Frankie (in the lounge he frequently breaks into song, and sometimes makes rhyming couplets from his answers), me-eee, and of course Billy and Terry and Robby, Ian (né Nai, pronounced Na-eee), Tidy and Ernie, and the doughty hold-out Sierra Dragon -- a more helpful ten-some you'd be hard-pressed to turn up in any discussion forum.  .)


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    Good morning Kirby and Leonie


    Thank you so much for your helpfulness.  I am an old PhotoShop-on-PC user who has finally seen the light and so I am on the steepest learning curve ever - learning Apple (including those pesky gestures which I know are worth persisting with but oh! how my fingers itch to just grab the mouse and get the job done!) AND Aperture all at once... 


    As in this case, so often it's right there under one's nose but when EVERYTHING on the screen is unfamiliar, sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees.  I was even all ready to post to Kirby, "no, mine doesn't have that!" when I noticed, oh, yes, duh, it does ;-)


    Thanks for confirming what I suspected, Leonie - that if something is tedious, there must be a short cut, and I appreciate the time you guys have taken to help me make my workflow smoother and more efficient.


    Like Arnold Swartzenegger, I'll be back...!


    All the best