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Does anyone know if there is a quick way of assigning colour labels OTHER than COMMAND-1 etc?  I like to put my keyboard right out of the way and work with a wacom tablet, but if I want to use keyboard shortcuts, I have to keep reaching for the keyboard... obviously.  There's going via the Metadata, but it would be nice to be able to customise a tool somewhere that would just be one click.



Aperture 3
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    There is also the drop-down in the Info panel - just click the color label to reveal it:

    Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 08.31.38.PNG




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    Hi Mandi,


    Which tablet?  The Radial Menus for the Wacom Intuos4 (and 5, iirc) are slick.  I have one set for Color Labels.  (Not on my editing machine -- can't show a screenshot right now.)  Recommended.


    In addition to the drop-down Léonie mentions, you can use the Context-Sensitive menu (right-click, which can {and, imho, should} be bound to a pen button or a tablet button), and you can add the Metadata Field "Label" to your standard Metadata View (also recommended, as it is a single-click rather than two, which not only saves some time (trivial, imho) but is much less likely to produce an error (not trivial).


    Also (heh - ) I am right-handed, and so I keep my Inspector to the right of the Browser/Viewer.  This keeps me from having to cross my hand over the tablet to use the Inspector.





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    Hi Kirby


    Mine is the Intuos3... I had never heard of a radial menu so have just done some research and discovered it was an innovation for the Intuos4 and unfortunately can't be implemented on the Intous3 (there are some angry people over there on the Wacom forum, and I never even knew I was missing something ;-) )  Seems like another opportunity for me to spend some more money!


    Could you please explain a bit more what you mean by "you can add the Metadata Field "Label" to your standard Metadata View?"  I already have the drop-down there, like this:

    Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 8.29.19 AM.png

    I understand that what you're saying is I can somehow make that dropdown accessible immediately, but can you explain how?  I looked on Metadata in Browse mode and couldn't see anything about adding a field.


    Sorry to be a pain...


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    Not at all .  A pain is having to replace the motherboard twice in a week.  A small challenge is trying to answer without access to Aperture or most of my usual tools.


    This is the best I can do right now: