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How do I delete or remove credit or debt card information

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    IF on ipad or iphone go to settings. Click on iTunes & App Store. Then click on your apple ID. Click view then payment information. Select none then done.

    Hope this helps

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    What if there is not a none option?

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    Are you trying from iphone or ipad? I didn't get a 'none' option when I logged in via a browser. But if you try using the settings tab on your home screen scroll down to click on your iTunes & App Store tab, click on the apple I'd. Once you log on by selecting view apple id go to payment information and there should be a 'none' option to remove credit card details

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    To change your payment method you can do this on the iPhone or using iTunes on the computer.


    Using the iPhone go to Settings>iTunes & App Stores>Tap on the Apple ID>Tap on View Apple ID>Tap on Payment inforamtion>Select NONE


    Using your computer select Store from the Menu bar. Select View Account (enter your password) Click on Edit for Payment Information. Select NONE



    If this has fixed your issue please choose solved. Thanks!



    http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1918 explains how to do this as well.

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    but there were no NONE fuction