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I recently was in the process of selling my old Macbook. I needed to wipe the mac, so I inserted the install disk bringing the mac back to Tiger!  I sold the MacBook to a friend and told her once she set up under the ‘welcome’ screen, she needed to install the Leopard upgrade disk which apple send me to bring the computer up to date, from there she could upgrade further.


She done this but then gave me the machine back as she didn’t want it.  I have another buyer so I need to wipe her user account from the MacBook.  So I thought id just reinstall Tiger again and start all over etc  BUT when I insert the install disk it asks me for the administrator username & password. Normally the username is already in the box but I entered her username & password correctly and all I get is - you must type an administrator's name and password to make changes to system preferences.


I’m stuck.  I have read over a lot of threats and site and people have said there is some sort of an issue here so boot up in single user mood (apple + S), I have tried this and nothing, the machine just boots up normally every time!


So I cant sell on the MacBook with someone else’s details on it lol And I Cant sell it as it is as the new user will have this problem!