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Hi All,


I am testing MDM in lab. I have several profiles ... have created few users also (target device was member of that user)

Purpose is hide other profiles from the current logoin user.... I mean loged in user should get its own profile.

When I created some Preloads for a user and tested, found the settings has not been applied (or when I log in I cant see any profile besides Trust Profile and Enrollment Profile).

Then I created profile for Device Group, tested it again, did not work...

What I am doing wrong? My perpose is to give user access to a certain profile, not more, so no one can run a profile that is not intended for their use.

iPad, iOS 6
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    Apple's APNs services are currently not working. Enrollment yes, but Profiles or inventory updates no. Appears to be a global issue.


    People in Asia reported this 13 hours ago (http://www.sophos.com/ja-jp/support/knowledgebase/119235.aspx) and people in Europe have been tweeting about it for a few hours. Seems like a global issue with Apple. Unfortunetly Apples services page doesnt list APNs: http://www.apple.com/support/systemstatus/


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    It's back now. SSL certificate expiry not spotted by Apple, apparently!


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    I need to isolate profiles, so a user will get the targeted profile only. How can we manage this?

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    Profile Manager controls devices, not users.  It has no idea which user uses which device.  So rather than identify your user you want to treat specially, you identify the device you want to treat specially.


    You can set a different profile for each device if you want.  Or make a group and put just that one device in it.  What part of the user interface are you having problems with ?

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    If I have a profile for device, and have many devices I have to create same profile for all devices.... this can be controled if I move all devices under a device group.

    But what I meant is if I have 10 profiles for 10 customers and in production its easy to run a wrong profile on a device since you can see all 10 profiles. If a user login on iPad with a specefic user ID and password then they should get ONLY the profile they are intended to use. For example User1 get Profile 1, User 2 get profile 2 ..etc.

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    iPads do not have user IDs.  One iPad is assumed to be used by one person.  There's no login screen that asks for a username and password.

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    Simon you didnot get me, I meant when I login to Profile Manager on iOS device, here I can see available profiles.... I want to see only required profile not all.

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    Okay, I think you just got hung up on enrollment profiles.  But you don't really want lots of enrollment profiles you want your users to get no choice that level.  You would configure your devices by putting them into groups instead, and put the detailed settings into the configurations for the groups, not the enrollment profile.  Enrollment profiles are just for "You're on board but we don't know what to do with you yet.".


    So on the main page of profile manager, look in the left blue column under ENROLLMENT PROFILES.  If you have things there, delete them.  Then the only profile your users will be able to pick (if they decide to pick somethign at all) is 'Settings for Everyone' which is the set of settings you see when you choose LIBRARY-->Groups-->Everyone(All Users).  Set up your initial enrollment details in that section.


    Once you (as admin) notice a new device being enrolled you (as admin) can put it into a 'Device Group', which will cause the server to push the settings for that group to that device when it is next connected.  Or you could manually set the settings for each Device individually if you wanted.

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    Yes this is what I concluded, thanks for the reply.