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i have been using Aperture on my early 2009 imac for a while now, and have an extensive libary of picture stored on an external 2tb hard drive, however this weekend i decided to buy myself a nice new shiny Macbook Pro retina 13" ( actually the first one sold on the opening day of the store in my city, go me ) however i was concerned that as my nice new machine only has 128 gb flash storage on it i may have some difficulty with my pictures and working on them in gorgeous retina yummieness, and would have to pick which ones and move them across when needed. But..... i was linking up my MBPr and my imac with all the file sharing fun to do this and came across a little piece of Apple joy, using Aperture on my MBPr i decided to see if i could load the Aperture libary stored on the external drive connected to the Imac and lo and behold it loaded up all my pictures straight away over the wifi i have at home, and the bit i like the most i can edit on the MBPr and its stored and sorted on my imac's external drive with no faffing about to re save it on there. like i said in title u prolly know this but after using macs since 2009 i was still surprised and just goes to show u never stop learning sorry if this bored anyone but there may some people out there that didnt know this trick

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