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Hi Folks!


I have a white unibody 2009 that has a crack on the top case by the ethernet port.

This is probably a stress related crack from picking up the case from the palm rest and the polucarbonate case just couldn't hold the pressure and cracked that area.


It is way out of warranty, but still wanted to check with you all if Apple might be willing to either fix it for free themselves or give me the part (the top case) to replace myself. This looks more like a design or material flaw, since this macbook has been handled just like any other laptop would. Normal use!


If not, I could take it apart and attempt to fix it by glueing it from inside.

Has anyone tried this and what glue would be the strongest fix for this poly material? Any brand you recommend? Something stronger than superglue or gorilla?

Also, not sure yet if there is any space between the ethernet port and the case to maybe add some kind of rigid plastic to the bottom of the case under the crack in order to add support and keep it toghether.

If so, what would you recommend I use as support? It would have to be a very thin plastic, not sure what though.


I'd appreciate "constructive" advise. Thanks a lot!