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if you only have an @icloud.com account how do you set up iChat?  Everything I can find says to select AIM but my password is not recognized.

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    When Apple created iCloud to take over from MobileMe  they initially used the @me.com names (again)

    Later they issued @icloud.com IDs.


    In iChat 6 and Messages the app(s) log in to Apple as well as AIM.

    This adds a level of Security for the process that allows AIM to "read" Apple passwords.


    The upshot is that iCloud issued @me.com and @icloud.com email IDs cannot be used in earlier versions of ichat from Version 5 down.

    You also cannot access some of the AIM settings  which does have some privacy issues.


    At this point you would have to create an AIM name.

    Use the link above and then use the "Get a Username" item top right.



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