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It drives me crazy how albums in Aperture seem to show up in no particular order on my Apple TV 2.  For instance, just loaded a new bunch of pictures and go to my Apple TV and I can't find them listed.  I have thousands, so perhaps they are there, but can't find them.  I would expect them to be at the top of the list.  Instead, I see a recent album (but not the most recent) and an album from last summer, etc...  So I can't see any discernable order.  In fact, I would like them in the most logical order, which is most recent at the top, or even according to the way I organise my albums.  How do I figure this out so that I can see a recent album at the top?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    I think you have to use iTunes to designate which of Aperture's images you wish to share with your ATV.


    Under "File" in iTunes you'll find "Home Sharing" and "Choose which images to share with ATV". I find it takes some time for 1) the list of Aperture images for sharing to show up and 2) once you have made your choice, checked the appropriate boxes, and clicked "Apply" for the new picks to become active.


    My problem has been updating my sharing list when I add new images to Aperture. It seems to require a combination of re-running Aperture, turning home sharing "on" and "off", and changing which images get shared.

    Whatever, it's pain in the butt!