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Trying to plan in advance...


I was wondering if I can (with a laptop) use Time Machine for both:


1. Creating Time Machine backups on a partiion of an external drive. My plan was going to create  2 partitions: one to be used for Time Machine backups of another external hard drive (that holds all of my media) and then the other partition was going to be a bootable clone of my internal drive (totally separate from Time Machine)




2. Also use Time Machine for my Time Capsule, to create Time Machine backups of my internal drive.


Is this possible? I had heard that you can't use TM to make backups to a partition on an external drive, AND use it for another drive (like Time Capsule) at the same time. But I would think that this should be possible-

Thanks everyone-

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Time Capsule