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Can somebody please explain to me how this is suppose to work? I can stand that everytime I get a playlist created on my ipad or iphone, it erases all of them when I want to add songs from my itunes share account. I don't get this.


Also, if I just keep the itunes share turned on, and I'm driving on a read trip, I am not able to access my vast library, without WIFI.


Can anyone shed some light on how I can best use itunes share?


Thank you


iPad 2, iOS 5
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    I don't know about your playlist question, but to access your iTunes Match library when you're not connected to wifi you have to have a wifi plus cellular iPad, have an active cellular data plan,  have turned Use Cellular Data to On in Settings>iTunes & App Stores.  Without a data connection to the internet (either via wifi or 3G cellular), you can only plan songs previously downloaded to your iPad.