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I started an earlier thread about whether anyone had had compatability problems using the Livebox router provided by Wanadoo France: see thread


Ralph Johns kindly suggested I contact a Paris based poster but unfortunately mails to him have bounced back. Having done some further research, I've almost decided to go for the 'Free' broadband offering rather than France Telecom/Wanadoo - I have checked my new France Telecom phone line which shows 'Dégroupage partiel' (ie it's partially unbundled so Free can be used) and additionally Free's Freebox ADSL router has an ethernet connection which I would prefer. Does anyone living in France, or with experience of French ISPs, know of any mac compatability problems with Free? I'd especially like to know if there are any problems with iChat via Free. On the off chance anyone may have information, thanks in advance.

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    Hi Bob,

    As it says at the bottom of the page not all the @mac.cam names are current emails addresses as they may be trial @mac accounts that work in iChat only after the 60days.

    Chrisbel, as he posts here, does have a valid iChat account of that name listed. However as the individual note says he is not always on-line.

    I have no other French contacts myself.

    You could also try a search for "France" in the discussion area to see if you can reach anybody that way.

    7:49 PM Sunday; May 28, 2006
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    Hi Ralph, thanks for replying. Actually I emailed 'Chrisbel@mac.com' thinking 'mac.cam' was a spelling error. Is it actually mac.cam? Thanks for your other suggestion which I will do. I did search for Free+France earlier, only one item found but not relevant. I'm deep into the Free terms and conditions at the moment, dictionary to hand!

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    That is a typo. I will change this as soon as I can.

    Edit. Should be done now

    8:16 PM Sunday; May 28, 2006
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    Yup, chrisbel now showing mac.com. Have now done a wider search on France but no joy. Thanks for your help Ralph. About to bite bullet/breathe deeply etc etc and go for Free.

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    I am, of course, not using Free, since I'm not in France. However, my sister does use it (she forwards everything to her current residence in China, unless she's at home in France for holidays). She uses Windows, and she and I can AV chat quite successfully.

    That's the good news. The bad news is that customer service is so bad that she's going to change ISPs as soon as she moves back to France permanently. She is allowed to contact them via email once -- and once only -- until they've answered that email (with a canned message, more often than not), and it usually takes them at least a week to get back to her. So, when she has a problem, it gets very frustrating. Right now they seem to be blocking everything to and from China, so she's having to switch her email to GMail and hope for the best.

    You may not have the same problems, since you're not in China. As I said, the AV chats are quite successful.
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    Thanks Sandra. It may be, how shall I put this, a regional thing. If the iChat is working, that's very encouraging.

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    You're welcome, Bob. As you say, it's very good that the AV chats work so well.