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My personal iMac at home is on 10.8 but my laptop actually owned and maintained by my employer is 10.6.  When my own iMac was 10.6 my favorite screen saver was "Paper Shadow".  When I updated to 10.8, Paper Shadow screen saver was not an option, it was gone.  I've been trying to find the Paper Shadow files on my laptop that is at 10.6 and upon which I run the Paper Shadow screen saver always.  There files are not found by the expected labels such as screen saver(s), or Paper Shadow.  I just can't locate this files and would love to so I can export them to my iMac.  Does anyone know where or by what name these files are imbedded in 10.6?  Thanks!


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    I have no idea whether it will work if you copy a 10.6 screen saver to a 10.8 machine, but the package you're looking for is


    /System/Library/Screen Savers/Paper Shadow.slideSaver


    Spotlight isn't typically going to find it because it's in a part of the system that Apple thinks you needn't be poking around.

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    Thanks mns579:

    Your info provided the means to get the answer, but it didn't work.  At least I tried, but the file papershadow didn't copy properly when dragging it to away from it's home and became a blank page icon.  In fact, in 10.8, there is a papershadow file in screen savers but it is a hollow blank page icon, I guess a leftover somehow from 10.6 when it was a useable screen saver.   Though funny, if I were really obsessed!  I guess I could take screen shots of all the images and then make them into jpegs on my other computer, and put them in a file to be used amy own screen saver!  Umm...  not sure if I have the time to devote to that, but at least it's an option.  Thanks.

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    If you're going to build your own, you could skip the screenshot step by pulling the ten paper shadow images from inside the package.  Control-click on Paper Shadow.slideSaver (Show Package Contents) to get to the Contents folder, then navigate one level down to Resources. There they are: PaperShadow01.jpg through PaperShadow10.jpg.

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    Hey Thanks.  I might just get around to doing this superfluous act!  I do like the images and I'll a little "vintage" going on my 10.8.  Thanks

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    Hey Thanks.  That worked.  I have them now as jpegs and can move them to my iMac for screen savers.

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    You're welcome.