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when I try to homeshare from my itunes library on mac to ipod the little circle loads up halfway in the shared section of the music player on my ipod and goes no further. I've tried redoing it again and again and it does the same thing again and again. 

Does anyone have the same problem or have any suggestions why it's doing it or a way around it?


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    I am having exactly the same issue on both macbook and mac mini to my iphone 4s, have latest updates on all machines OSX Lion and latest itunes and iOS need to get to the bottom of this one as I have tried restart, relaunch, and all other options and suggestions I can find.

    Hopefully it is a software issue with apple that get's resolved rather than the phone

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    HI Blossomhead just realised to help you out as a solution if you have ipod touch, and/or iphone I use this application for streaming my itunes when Im on 3G or on a remote wireless network, just tested and it works fine on a local wireless network too and runs in the background on your mac and once set up,will stream your itunes library (with playlists) as well as movie folders and things that you specify.

    Until the issue with itunes get's sorted its been a great solution for me   and to be honest I have found it works great away from home too, if you don't mind leaving your mac on?



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    Apparently this happen when the ipod/ipad is not connecting to the wifi correctly .

    But this worked for me :In IPAD go to   

    SETTINGS --> GENERAL--> RESET-- RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. Then reconnect to wifi .

    Its probably the same for ipod or iphone.  This worked for me.

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    Hi doneps-


    I did try your suggestion but no luck. The remote app works perfectly, no problem seeing and streaming music to my airport. When I try to play my library on the ipod it keeps getting stuck about halfway through the process. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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    Having the same problem, Apple TV won't connect to home sharing either.

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    Same issue here across multiple devices, all of which have been completely reset, and even completely replaced my laptop. All to no avail. Home sharing to iPad with a large library absolutely never works. Remote app can load the same library instantly.

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    This has been annoying me for ages now. Homesharing not working and the circle stopping half way round. Thankfully I've found a fix after weeks of trawling the web for possible causes.


    Shut down iTunes and Music on your device. Then go to System Preferences>Network on your Mac.


    Click Wifi on left hand side of the window then click the Advanced button. Choose TCP/IP at top, then click Renew DHCP Lease.


    When the IPv4 etc numbers have refreshed click OK and close System Preferences.


    The Homesharing should now work.


    The only problem is every time you shut down your Mac Homesharing will not be working again when you next try and you will have to do the above again.


    Hopefully Apple will actually do something to remedy this rather than just ignoring thousands of complaints. In the meantime hope the above works for you as well as it has done for me.

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    This reset solved the problem for mhe iPad didn't want to connect today (little circle filled up halfway, then stopped).  This reset solved the problem for me.



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    Same issue here and after struggling with Home Sharing for a very long time I have finally found a fix, use Plex instead. The server piece is free and the app is 5 bucks but it just plain works.


    I have the Plex server running on a Mac Mini and it found my iTunes collection and presented it as a "channel" to the Plex app, no configuration needed. I still use iTunes to manage music amd movies but Plex picks up where Home Sharing falls short.



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    I did Doneps as well as Colonel Mad's suggestions, and it came back on (circle was not stuck at half or quarter), and was much, much faster (to load). On my iDevices, I also did this: Settings>Videos>Home Sharing Apple ID>Sign out and Sign in again.


    Big thanks to u guys doneps and Colonel Mad!

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    (forgot to mention above)  also did a reset on the iDevices and Mac laptop which was hosting the itunes home share

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    Although it did start loading and made some progress unfortunately it stuck again half the way.