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The other day my iPhone 5 said that storage was running out. I checked and it says that i have used up most of my gigs. I was comparing all the data I had on my phone with my roommates iPhone 4 and it didn't seem to add up. On my iPhone 5, I have 69 songs, 32 videos, nearly 800 photos, and 14 applications. My roommate had over 300 songs, 90 videos, 2000 photos and 14 applications. Both of the phones are 16 GB. Does the iPhone 5 take larger photos or something? If it does, can i reduce the photo size?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
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    Yes. The iPhone 5 has a higher resolution camera. No, you can not reduce the resolution at which it takes and stores photos. The number of apps means very little. Apps can vary greatly in size.


    When you plug it into your computer running iTunes and look at the summary page, how much space is consumed by "other"?


    Anything over about 1.5-2GB indicates corruption. If that's the case, try restoring the phone. If that doesn't get rid of it, restore it as new and re-sync your data.

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    I restored my phone because I have 2.58 GB of 'other' storage. After my phone was restored, I still had 2.58GB of 'other' and no new free space.

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    Then set it up as a new phone and re-sync your data. Do NOT restore your backup.


    Of course, if you have things like navigation apps with downloaded maps, those may take space in other... It might be worth deleting those first if you have any to see if it helps.