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I have a 64GB iPhone, and keep all my images and movies since I got my first 3G (Im now on a 4S running 5.1) on the camera roll.  I dont mind the syncing speed, and I have them all the time. 


But of course it is desirable to back up and use the photos on the computer.  I use Image Capture on OSX 10.7.5 to import my photos from my iphone to a file for archiving.  The iPhone is the only device paired to this computer.  I have nearly 5600 photos on my phone camera roll.


Here's the problem - I import the photos to the computer. Then I use my phone for a while, take some more photos, and in a few weeks/months, run the image capture again.  The program is completely confused as to what photos it should sync.  The program shows green checkmarks next to files that were previously imported, but it will forget many.  What I dont get, is that Im on photo 5600, and it will forget that it imported image 126, and then import it again.  The problem is that it will then have two identical photos, IMG_126.jpg and IMG_126 1.jpg in there.  No reason for this.  It does it on photos that are many years old, and, it will sometimes do it on certain photos multiple times, while it "remembers" others and has never had any issue.  And they are random - a few here and a few there, not something concrete like all photos after some date or some occurrence.


What gives?  Ive done all the usual - disk permissions, etc.  My phone is kept well synchronized in iTunes.  It is really annoying to have to go back through and verify what numbers to start with to sync, rather than let the program do it (which is used to do flawlessly!).


Any ideas?



iPhone 4S, Mac OS X (10.7.5), MBP 4.1