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Wi fi and bluetooth not working on iPhone 4s.  Was working and just stopped in middle of playing a song over bluetooth to the car.


Cannot even turn Wi-Fi on, as it is grayed out.  Bluetooth just searches and searches, never finding anything....


Did a restore to factory defaults and also turned iPhone off and on via the wake/sleep button, and did software resets on phone and networking.  Nothing helped.


Any other ideas?  Could it be the antenna or something physically internal on the device?



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

    1. Verify that airplane mode is off by tapping Settings > Airplane Mode.
    2. Reset the network settings by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
      Note: This will reset all network settings, including Bluetooth pairing records, Wi-Fi passwords, VPN, and APN settings
    3. Ensure that your device is using the latest software. To do so, connect your device to your computer and check for updates in iTunes.
    4. If your issue is still unresolved, perform a software restore in iTunes.

    Additional Information

    If you are still unable to turn Wi-Fi on, please contact Apple for support and service options.

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    Thanks but no joy.


    Already did everything listed above, some several times.


    Called Apple Support, and was told they'll replace the phone.  Must be a known issue as they did not even hesitate!!


    Taking it to Apple Store on Sunday to swap it out.




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    You're welcome.


    If no change after restoring the iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone or not from the backup, the iPhone has a hardware problem.

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    I have this problem with my  iphone 4s I believe its a Hardware problem what do you suggest i try first is it possible that the wifi antennae is out??

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    I took my 4s to an Apple Store. Evidently this is a known issue, and since I had AppleCare on the phone, they gave me a new phone FREE of charge.  No questions asked.


    I think if you do not have AppleCare, the cost is about $200, but don't quote me on that one.


    they did not tell me WHY this happened, but I got a new phone, so am happy with that.




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    I just discovered this thread this morning as my wifi and BT functionality appear to be DOA. No idea what caused this - I went to connect BT headphones this morning as I do each and every day, but the 'switch' to enable BT is now a spinning wheel. The wifi on/off is greyed out. Are these the indications you're seeing?

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    Exactly what happened to me.  Apple replaced the phone.  If you have Applecare, they'll replace free of charge.  If not, there may be a charge to fix/replace.  Don't know. 


    Bluetooth died mid song in the car. 




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    Thankfully, I have AppleCare. In fact this very handset was just replaced three weeks ago due to a dead power button. Second time that has happened to my 4S model. Off to reserve a spot at the Genius Bar!
    Thanks Lisa.

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    Oh boy.  Good luck.  I did not have headphones, just playing BT thru the car speakers and died!


    If possible, do a backup of your phone.  they'll take out the SIM card and put in new phone for you, but you may need to do a restore from your backup when you get home.



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    Went on eBay grey out fix 75.00 luckyforstars fixed it for me quick!! Very happy!!

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    Its almost as though the phones are programmed to stop working so you need to pay for a replacement or upgrade.. This problem is all over the internet, most time there is no reason for it, phone isn't hot or even warm. In most cases the phone is literally not even being held.


    Ive seen this all to often to be just a technical fluke. I've worked for Bell mobility, Telus mobility and ive seen this probelm atleast once every 2 weeks, some weeks ive seen it up 4 -7 times. And it always seems to be between 1.5 - 3 years of the person owning the device.

    I can accept that it could be a faulty transmitter and reciever but it happens accross all iphones and not just the older models... Why do people have to pay for a replacement when its clearly a manufacturer defect? This is unacceptable to me. Just another cash cow, weather  it was intended  or not.


    I currently work at sasktel in canada (cell carrier) and i was helping a lady with her personal hotspot and the BT and WIFI stopped working right in the middle our session.