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my ipod nano 7th generation....works fine as long as it's on the docking station. when off the station, the display goes dark after a few seconds. it's fully charged. please help. this is the heartbeat of my business. thanks

iPod nano
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    Isn't that the way it's supposed to work?  The manual says


    "Conserving Power - iPod nano intelligently manages battery life while you listen. To save power, the iPod nano screen dims if you don’t touch it for twenty seconds, and then turns off...."


    http://manuals.info.apple.com/en_US/ipod_nano_user_guide.pdf - page 15

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    Hi. No it goes completly black before I even have time to select a playlist. if the battery is dead, would it even turn on at all?? I read all I could in the manual. could it be a setting somewhere? should i restore it? how much does a new battery cost? it's only a few months old.

    Thanks for responding, by the way. PEACE

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    In the worst case, it's still under warranty (all 7th gen nanos are still under one year from purchase).


    So, you disconnect it from power, and it almost immediately goes dead?  You can try a Restore... but it doesn't sound like the type of problem a Restore will fix.


    You should probably have it looked by Apple Tech Support.  If there's an Apple Store nearby, you can take it to the store's Genius Bar.  To avoid waiting, you can make a reservation at the store's web page



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    Thank you so much.I'm on my way to the store now. I believe it is a faulty battery.....but as you can propably tell, I'm not the most technical savy person. In some ways, trying to figure these things out for myself teaches me other things about my devices and computers and how they work together. I appreciate you taking time to try and help me. And yes, I bought this nano sometime around christmas. I expect Apple to stand behind it's products. That's why I use them.

    Have a great day!