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I can't unmound my hard drive. I used to have two partitions on it. On one smaller partition 50 gb i would back up some files. On the second partition 450gb i was backing up my mac with time machine. now it does not backup with time machine, it said the volume is too small. And i cleaned up my mac, removed some files to empty space and now the drive does not worn anymore at all. The backup drive does not show up anymore and the first partition with 50 gb does not unmount, or eject anymore. the icon stays with whitish color inditating that it is not responsive. ejecting from finder, or draging it to trash to eject it, and ejecting it with disk utility, or ejecting with terminal program does not eject the disk. Can't format it with disk utility, cause it can't unmount the drive.

I want to format that 500gb hard drive to one partition and use it as a backup drive. Now i can't format it with disk utility because it can't unmount it. and reparing takes so much time and i am not even sure that it does anything. it just gets stuck on 'verrify and repare volume untitled 1'. and basically drive is ******. How do i format it so i can use it again?

i am on macbook white unibody 2009, and drive is iomega 500gb

macbook unibody white 2009

http://www.mamabashop.com/products/electricals/storage-devices/portable-storage- devices/38-500GB-IOMEGA--Portable-Hard-Drive.htm