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Hi everyone, yesterday my Macbook had decided to die on my at an unfortunate time while I was doing Disk Verification and Repairs, I restarted the Macbook to be greeted with a Question Mark (?) in a folder, I have read that running Disk Utility CMD+R can fix this, I bought my Macbook in Mid-2010 with Snow Leopard and installed Mountain Lion when it was released, but I do not seem to have the recovery partion, I have tried locating the original disk which came with the Macbook but we cant seem to find the box anywhere since we have moved house, I have read that Apple allow you to create a Recovery CD / USB through the OS X Recovery Disk Asssistant V1.0 but in order to install it, I need access to my mac. I am using my partners Windows laptop at the moment is there any way to fix the problem on my mac? I have tried hoping to just put the .dmg file on a disk and usb but there is no hope, i also extracted the contents and still by pressing (Option/Alt) on the Macbook on bootup, what normally is the Startup Manager, the cursor appears but nothing is there (Normally I would expect to see Macintosh HD, Ext Device 1, CD 1 for example)


I really need urgent help as I have a Project Proposal and various assignments for my University Degree due on Monday.. And sods law I did not get a chance to get a useful back-up copy of the weeks work.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)