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I have lost my iphone. I rang my service provider who deactivated my sim card as I am on a contract. I logged into icloud and my device is appearing offline however i requested the erase iphone feature.. which is still pending. My question is how safe is my information... If someobody was to put there sim into my iphone would it delete my info as soon as they got signal? I luckily had a security code activated when the phone is switched on this must be entered and when the phone locks. Any help would be appreciated.

iPhone 4S
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    The erase will be executed if it ever goes back online with Find My iPhone still enabled on the phone, whether that's via wifi or 3G.  The good news is that if you set a passcode on the phone before it was lost your data is safe even if the remote erase command isn't executed.  The only way someone would be able to use the phone without the passcode is to force it into recovery mode (which erases all data) and restore it as a new iPhone.

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    Thank you so much this has put my mind at ease.