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I have an Outlook.com account that was originally an msn.com account that I've just redirected to Mac Mail. The msn/outlook account is 11 years old.


When I hit "Get Mail" it is downloading all inbox emails from my server, which I expected. But it is also for some reason resending old emails, starting from 11 years ago. I stopped the process until I can figure out how to avoid this. The emails are not showing up in my Mac Mail sent folder. I'm not sure where they're coming from or how to stop them. I only know about it from two people who received these old emails from me.


Can anyone explain this and how to avoid it in setting up Mac Mail?

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    Okay I found out some more information about the emails that are being sent out.


    There was one point where someone set up Mac Mail to temporarily retrieve the business emails for a photography business, and put in an automated responder with an out of town notice. Something about the responder didn't work ~ it started responding to old or deleted emails, something like that. So the rule was deleted, the photography email account was deleted and all of the emails were deleted from Mac Mail. But something unusual is happening ~  it looks like that out of office response is being sent out now as my Outlook emails are being imported into Mac Mail. These appear to be the emails being sent out now. The sent mail is not appearing in my Mac Mail Sent folder, but it is appearing in my Outlook Sent folder.


    Is there any way to clear Mac Mail out completely, from the Library folders or somewhere that is not in the application itself? Or can I reinstall it somehow to clear out this old glich that seems to be still stuck? How do I get rid of these back end issues?


    Thank you.