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My Iphone 4S stopped recognizing my Sim card - the Sim card still works in my friends Iphone - what can I do

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)

    If you are regularly removing and inserting SIM cards, there may be a hardware problem with the SIM card slot.


    Make an appointment at an Apple store if there is one nearby to confirm if this is hardware related.

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    Thanks for the message, however I had not taken out the Sim card for nearly 1 year, yesterday I am charging the phone thru my laptop and it just stopped working with the message Sim Card Failure - at the left top of the screen it says Invalid Sim - so I took it out and put the Sim card in my friends Iphone and it worked fine - then I took her Sim card and put it in my 4S and got the same Failure response -  for some reason my 4S simply stopped recognizing any Sim card - tried the chat support with apple but got no where - interesting that apple service/support can't run a diagnostic program on the phone thru the imternet and remedy these types of problems or at least figure out what is the problem, the phone is fairly new - **** it has only 10 hours of talk time on it so iti s dissapointed that I may have to buy a new phone to replace a 700 dollar phone - this made in China stuff is really starting to pay off

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    You're welcome.


    Hardware can fail at any time, which has nothing to do with where the iPhone is manufactured. This type of failure is not common.


    Why would you pay full retail price for an unlocked iPhone if you don't regularly use different SIM cards when traveling, etc.?


    And Apple offers an out of warranty or not covered under the warranty exchange at a significantly reduced price off the full retail sales price.

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    I live and work in Vietnam - bought the 4S here and only need 1 Sim - also over here is simple with mobile phones as they are not corralled by contracts - however it is a company Sim card and I have no need for others

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    Not being "corralled" by a contract means you will pay full retail sales price for the iPhone, and you have used the same carrier anyway.


    I paid well less than half of what you paid with a two year contract, and I would be using the same carrier anyway and paying the same rate if I didn't have a contract with my carrier after having to pay over $700 for my iPhone. Under those circumstances, it wouldn't be very smart of me not to allow my carrier to pay well over half the cost of the iPhone. If I traveled internationally on a regular basis or wanted to be able to change carriers here on a whim without a contract, I would pay full retail price and purchase an unlocked iPhone.