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Hello community,

                         I am borderline insane having tried to resolve this problem so if anyone can help I will be extremely grateful.


The issue:

Whilst browsing ebay my ipad1 suddenly blanked out leaving a grey screen and being completely unresponseive.


My actions:

1. I have attempted reset many times and simply get a split second flash on screen of Apple logo then it stays in grey screen mode.

2. I have downloaded latest iTunes and restored Ipad which on PC screen shows as successful - iTunes recognises ipad and shows me content (nothing due to restore) and also shows a selection of apps. I cannot transfer them to the ipad from this screen either by dragging across or selecting them and clicking sync.


IPAD snapshot.jpg


3. I have seen on screen graphics and icons since crash e.g. apple icon briefly and also graphic of usb cable when I connected to PC holding home button so I presume the screen itself is not at fault.


Is there anything else I can do or is this one simply for the bin!!??


Thank you all

iPad, iOS 5.1.1