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A dentist friend has highlighted a very frustrating issue related to Calendar (and probably other scheduling software too). His goal is to schedule a patient's next appointment and invite the patient at the same time. This is of course easily done. But... he wants the patient's name in his calendar (eg Bob). So he completes the calendar entry entering 'Bob' at 9.45am. His calendar looks perfect. In the process of setting this up, he invites Bob. Bob get's a calendar invitation ... showing the same thing i.e. 'Bob at 9.45am'. In other words, Bob is seeing an invitation to an appointment ... with himself!


Any simple, creative workarounds? My best stab was to set up the meeting as Dentist/Bob. More typing for the dentist ... unless this can somehow be automated.


I can't count the number of invitations I have received showing meetings with myself, which I then need to edit so as not to forget with whom I am actually meeting! So this challenge resonates!

Mac OS X (10.7.2)