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I'd be really grateful if you could give me some advice and guidance on where I can go to learn to code on a Mac to develop Mac and iOS apps.


Thank you in advance!

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A university computer science program. Once you have enough experience, you can figure out the details of a new platform like OS X or iOS on your own. There are a number of online courses and plenty of books, but we all needed a couple of years of hand-holding to start.

Reply by Frank Caggiano on May 1, 2013 5:05 AM Helpful

The best place to start is the Apple Dev Center see Getting Started and Start Developing Mac Apps Today which has a tutorial that will get you into Xcode and Objective-C right off.


There are a number of courses in iTunes U Apple's iBooks (if you have an IOS device) has a number of books on Objective-C, Xcode, etc.


The Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide has on-site courses but also publish some good books. Kochan's Programming in Objective-C (5th Edition) (Developer's Library) is not a bad step-by-step intro to Objective-C especially if you have no C background. He ignores the GUI stuff so as not to confuse the issue and concentrates on Objective -C. He does get into the Foundation classes in the second half of the book.


Good luck.



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