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My 3rd generation ATV always connects to my Mid-2009 MBP while sleeping, however the ATV will not reconnect to my latest model Mid-2012 MBP after sleep and only connects sometimes after I wake it.  If I restart iTunes it reconnects.


My thoughts are there's something going on with the wifi connections and the MBP 2012 like hibernation or something not waking the computer when the ATV request its connections, wake on LAN is checked.  This action isn't anything new, it's been happening for ever with the MBP 2012.


I have 2 Time Capsules that are hard wired to gather one being in bridge mode and have had it that way for nearly 2 years for a very strong wifi signal throughout my whole house.


Everything is up to date with the latest firmware and software including the newest iTunes on both computers.  Also using TWC Internet cable modem.


My question is has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3), 2012 15.4"2.6GHz i7 QC HRA SSD256GB
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    No One??????

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    I have some kind of connection problem with ATV to iTune after a long period of wait and/or sleep. There is a full thread on this problem here that might look like yours:




    In resume, it look like there is a problem in iTune network code that create zombie connection overtime. After a X period iTune stop to respond to external acess even if iTune user interface react normaly. It as been fixed on a previous release and back in a later one...


    For me, since im hosting iTune under a Windows XP VMWare server, I created a little programe that restart iTune every hours of none activity. Little drastic but all my ATV get access when I need to. There is a guy (in the thread above) that created a script that pretty much do the same thing if you are hosting itune a OSX operating system.

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    Let me be a little clearer about my post.


    1.  My 2009 MBP with ML does NOT have a problem staying connected with ATV's


    2.  My 2012 MBP with ML does HAVE a problems staying connected with ATV's

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    It could still be nice to see if it is related with those zombie connection.


    While problem occur run this command in terminal on both MBP:


    netstat -an | grep 3689 | grep EST | wc -l


    It will return the number of connections on iTune port. It get bad when you have 99 connections if I remember. Normal behavior should be 10 connections.