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Got an iPhone 5.  Suddenly I lost my Notes.  Don't know what happened.  Can I get them back?



iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3
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    Check icloud.com to see if they are still there.  If so, go to Settings>iCloud and turn Notes to On.  If not, all you can do is try restoring to your backup (although Apple's documentation doesn't specifically say that it includes notes).

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    Guess I'm 'dead in the water'.  iCloud doesn't have my notes.  By the way, where is the iPhone backup stored?  Is it automatically backed up or manually?

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    You're welcome.  iCloud backups are stored in your iCloud account on Apple's servers.  They are automatically created once every 24 hours when your phone is connected to wifi, your charger and the screen is locked.  You can also perform a manual backup by going to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup and tapping Back Up Now.  Below Back Up Now you will see when it was last backed up.

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    Check all your email accounts you have set up on your phone.

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    Happend to me too. Mine were found in my Yahoo mail account under "notes". I emailed them back to myself and then copied and pasted it back into my note. All of my "Notes" are saved in Yahoo. I guess I set that up some how.

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    Yes and you can see where you set it up, if you go to settings- mail contacts calendars and click on your yahoo, you will see switch next to notes turned on. Ideally you just want to make sure you using the same account if disappearing happens again. So when you open notes app and click notes in top left, you will see accounts available to you and whichever one you click, it will sync with from that point on.

    Multiple threads here on communities when people scream " stupid Apple made my notes disappear " when reality is just like computer, phone does what it is told (set up) to do.

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    lost 7 pages of notes while traveling for my thesys desperated:


    was writing on my iphone 4s notes while did cut and paste and suddently lost the whole text (which was not selected). there is no ctrZ type function on iphone so i tried paste thinking that it copied the whole text nothing then i went to icloud on the phone and the notes function was not selected to be backed up i arrived home today and connected my phone to my computer and open my itunes and nothing.


    any suggestion??  help!!

    thanks tania

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    If the notes were on your phone when you last backed up to iCloud, with some effort you may be able to restore them by following the steps in Winston Churchill's post here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/22600445#22600445.

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    It seems crazy that we need other software to get them back, and that all that time taken by iTunes to backup each time we connect the phone is wasted in the end. This is what happened to me as I tried to restore previous back up but found that I needed to delete files off the phone to make space for the restore and so doing this required a new sync, hence deleting the old back up. ***?!! Crappy Crappy Crappy!!!