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The iPhone with GarageBand is potentially one of the most powerful tools for mobile recording ever.  Unfortunately there are several tragic yet avoidable drawbacks that reduce it to nothing more than a mere toy.  1. You can't use the camera usb adapter to bring in loss-less digital stereo input.  2. Even if you could, you can't split the stereo into 2 seperate mono tracks.  And to take the cake...  3. You can't do much recording with the 3.5 jack's line-in because you get ABSOLUTELY NO LOWS!  This is due to the iPhones roll-off low frequency limiter filter, which i'm told since ios6 can possibly be disabled, though it's not in the Settings and i have yet to find an app that will do it in the background while running Garageband.  Sure, the Garageband app could do that, but then it would be a powerful incalculably valuable tool in the hands of everyone.  No lows means no drums, no bass, and vocals that sound like...well...like they were recorded via telephone.  Yes, it's painfully clear you recorded that demo on a phone, because when you play it back in your home or car it sounds like your listening to someone play it for you on the other end of a phone call.  There is no adjustment to compensate for the absence of low frequencies.  SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME I AM WRONG and that you have a work-around or know of something I've missed.  How do you get lows into Garageband???

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