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Hello -


I have a desktop mac running OS 10.8.3. Recently, I needed to reinstall the OS and went thru all the updates, including Java 2013-003 1.0.


One of my backup apps (CrashPlan Pro) needs java to work and after the OS reinstall/updates, CrashPlan would randomly stop working, After going thru some troubleshooting with the developer, the only solution appeared to be reinstalling the Java update. Unfortunately, this problem happens often - sometimes once a day, and every time I restart my Mac. Curiously, the Java control panel is still present in system prefences - so java is present on my mac despite the problem with CrashPlan.


Even weirder, if I check with software update when the CrashPal problem occurs, it reports the Java 2012-003 1.0 update to be available to be installed on my mac - so it seems like the OS doesn't even know it is installed.


I'm about ready to reinstall my OS - anyone have other suggestions first???


Thanks -

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)